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It’s not swift, both, however it works simply all right in city space but it’s a little much less enthusiastic on open roads and motorways. The gear change on our admittedly very low mileage test car was annoyingly notchy and awkward. All that trivial engineering actually pays dividends out on the road; this Mazda 6 is one of the greatest-handling front-wheel-driven vehicles in the trendy automobile sector. There’s an aroma of MX-5 in its agile nature and dependable steering, though not at the expense of the developed large-car really feel fleet-driving execs. The ride isn’t the smooth and silky within the sector and highway roar isn’t one of the best packed and insulated, but general it is extremely nicely find the middle floor. The brand new Mazda 6, 2.2-litre diesels are, however, glorious engines. Smooth, alert, free-revving and usefully energetic, they will be the default alternative of most and exactly … Read More

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